Shelly offers easy-to-use products for smart home enthusiasts and professionals. The wide product range delivers complete home automation experience and innovative technology at reasonable prices and with attention to the smallest details.

Smart Relays

Inspired by our customer’s dream to live calmly and happily, we create smart home devices with attention to the smallest details. The brand product portfolio includes a wide range of electrically operated switches (relays) that lay the foundation of Shelly’s product line.

Smart Sensors

Complementing the relays are the Shelly’s smart sensors detecting specific events such as motion, flooding, moisture, gases, or the opening of doors or windows and triggering actions with other smart devices.

Plug & Play

The product line includes Plug&Play devices such as intelligent wall plugs and smart buttons, as well as Lightning line of smart dimmable and RGBW bulbs.


Shelly lighting line provides a selection of smart dimmable and RGBW bulbs. With a spectacular design and  variety of settings and schedules, Shelly bulbs allow to set the perfect mood for every occasion and are the perfect addition to every home.