Smamoda Germany

What our customers love about Shelly is that they have the flexibility to choose the best products for their needs out of a big product portfolio while building or extending their smart homes. Shelly is one of the most interesting and promising smart home brands.

Wesmartify Germany

Shelly is a phenomenon in the smart home market. What we like most is the openness to integrate the devices in several smart home environments or into the Shelly app itself with ease. The fandom of users all over Germany for the Shelly brand is very special and is a perfect fit to Wesmartify and…

Allnet Germany

What we like so much about Shelly products is the simple integration with the home network, which makes it easy to control even for non-professionals. You can comfortably use your Shelly in your own network without having to share it in the cloud. But the cloud is available free of charge, if needed.

Shelly Spain

Allterco found the formula to bring the smart house experience in every home. When we discovered Shelly, I thought to myself – “They made it! We have to be a part of this!”. It’s not just about having a genius idea, it’s about bringing it to every house, communicating transparently and being close to the…

ALLTRON, Switzerland

Shelly products complement our product range because they are based on an inexpensive and simple technology that offers smart home users and enthusiasts great opportunities to carry out their projects.The fact that Shelly products can be integrated into any existing WLAN without an additional control unit makes them extremely flexible.